Duplicate Domains Filter

Link to GitHub repo


This tool allows you filter duplicate domains from the list of URLs in the file. I created this application for SEO experts who struggle to remove duplicate URLs from huge files. I hope this tool will be very helpful for those who use GSA SER list


This program is compatible with both the 2.x and 3.x versions of Python (recommended). It is a download-and-run program with no changes to the file.You will just have to specify parameters on the command line.


The program doesn’t require any additional packages to run. You only need to add the corresponding input and output files.

About Me

I’m a web developer who has built many free online tools such as yt mp3 and useful blogs like gethuge I find the most demanding tools online and build them from scratch. There are many tools available, but most of them spread viruses through ads. So, I created tools and allow users access them for safely.

If you like my tools, please give me a thumbs up on my GitHub page. Thank you.

If you like my tools, please give me thumbs up on my github page. Thank you.